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    Welcome to the Course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Why 4Life® is Elite

    • Before we begin...

    • Why Mike Financed a Study on the Network Marketing Industry

    • The "Success Formula" Revealed

    • How 4Life® Fits into the "Success Formula"

    • The Equation of Network Marketing Success Revealed---Check out this great video!

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  • 3

    Transfer Factor & the Immune System

    • Before we begin...

    • What is the immune system?

    • What is immunity and how do we develop it?

    • Why is it important to have a strong and healthy immune system?

    • What is transfer factor and where does it come from?

    • What is the role of transfer factors in the immune system?

    • Is Transfer Factor Safe?

    • Why Everyone Should Consume 4Life®’s Transfer Factor Products

    • How does 4Life Transfer Factor® differ from the other nutrients on the market?

    • BONUS LESSON — How to choose the right products for my health goals

    • BONUS LESSON — How to explain what transfer factors are to potential customers

    • Test Your Transfer Factor Knowledge

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  • 4

    The 4Life® Company

    • A Brief Overview of 4Life Research®

    • Why David & Bianca Founded 4Life®

    • Meet 4Life®'s Executive Team

    • Meet 4Life®'s Science Team

    • 4Life®'s Health Sciences Advisory Board

    • Meet Team 4Life

    • Awards and Affiliations

    • We are The Immune System Company™

    • Test Your Knowledge — The 4Life® Company

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  • 5

    Your Support Team

    • One major reason networkers fail...

    • Support offered by 4Life Research®

    • Support offered by Professional Networkers

    • Support offered by DiamondsR4Life

    • Test Your Knowledge — Your Support in 4Life®

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  • 6

    The 4Life® Pay Plan

    • Before we begin...

    • 4Life Life Rewards Plan — Terminology, Strategy, and More!

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    • Your Certificate of Completion

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